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Maggie & Ives

Alia Earrings

Alia Earrings

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Maggie & Ives Earrings - EGYPTIAN Collection,of the WANDERLUST Edition Handmade Statement Design

- Drop Length Approx 10-11cm
- Handcut leather and fabric, iridescent materials, layered to achieve a statement look. Made with gold metalwear, and gold hook.

•• Egyptian ••
This collection has been curated to embody an Egyptian vibe. Bold leathers and velvet of mixed textures, snake skin and metallic stripes, regal fuschias and aqua, and lots of golden, metallic glitters... Inspired by Cleopatra, dusky desert moons, sand dunes, camel rides, pyramids, and the bold headpieces and fashion worn.
Every pair has been made with a unique combination of elements - making them the perfect addition to your outfit no matter the season. This collection has been carefully designed to bring joy, colour and fun to your accessory game!


Please note:
-These earrings have been hand-cut and assembled using new and recycled leathers and materials to create the statement elements. This can mean some earrings have character of imperfections/small marks due to the nature of the materials.
- Being a handmade product, there will be slight differences between each of the Earrings. This is not a fault - it is the nature and beauty of handmade items. As all pieces are literally handcut with no 'cookie-cutter' method, small differences can occur. Some designs are also purposely different.

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